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* AdSense Publisher ID Checker 2007/08 Software Force5 US$27

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Discover How Millions are being lost to hackers who take over your adsense pages!

People are having their websites hijacked every day. How long would it be before you knew about it?

Don’t wait until your adsense income has dropped to Zero to start checking your sites.

The Adsense Publisher Id Checker can check your sites daily and will send you a email telling you if there is a problem with your sites.

David started working on this project after his adsense income was stolen. Losing $100’s in income made him sit up and look for a solution. Together they have taken Adsense Publisher Id Checker to a higher level.

  • Check your sites have the correct Publisher ID on them - By spidering your sites regularly you won’t be caught unaware.
  • Results By Email - You will receive email notification of any problem pages.
  • Peace of mind - No more worrying whether you will actually know if someone hijacks your pages and steals your income.

Adsense Publisher Id Checker will check all of your sites and let you know when anyone has hijacked your pages. You will receive a email notification of any problems. Millions of dollars are being lost every day to hackers who take over your adsense pages, adsense ID checker means you can fix this problem before you lose all your income.

Force5 (Paul Forcey)(Stewart Alexander) [did also : Hubpages Explained , Squid[oo] Hub Searcher , Widgets Secrets , Blogger Wizard , Comment Hut Lite , Comment Hut Pro , Blottos Brother , Blotto Blogger Generator , Keyword Manipulator ]
Single User License
Win 2000/XP
Money Back
30 days
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